Post-Operative Instructions: Impacted Tooth Exposure

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Exposing an impacted tooth is just one step in the treatment process to return your teeth to proper occlusion and alignment. Caring for your surgical site can help accelerate this process and ensure you’re healing properly.

Minor bleeding at the surgical site is normal for the first 24 hours. If more persistent bleeding occurs, bite down firmly on a gauze pad placed on the wound for 30 minutes. Contact our office immediately if any excessive or uncontrollable bleeding occurs.

Swelling of the gums around the exposed tooth is normal. Apply an ice pack to the cheek or external area of the mouth where the surgical site is. Maintain the application of this ice pack anytime you are awake for the first 36 hours after surgery.

Begin taking over-the-counter or prescribed pain medication before the local anesthetic begins wearing off to reduce any discomfort. Ibuprofen or Tylenol is generally strong enough to control any post-operative pain. If prescribed medication is needed, take only as directed. If you experience severe pain that persists, contact our office right away.

The day after your surgery, rinse with mouthwash and/or saltwater 5-6 times a day and especially after meals. Continue rinsing your mouth until the site has healed. Brush your teeth only with a soft-bristled toothbrush and be careful to avoid harming the surgical site.

Immediately after surgery, resume drinking the recommended amount of water each day to avoid dehydration. Nutritionally rich soft foods can be eaten on the day of surgery. Avoid hot foods and liquids. You can return to a normal diet within a few days but continue eating wholesome meals to assist your body in the healing process.

Minimize exercise and physical activities for the first few days after surgery. Do not begin rigorous exercise as this can cause excessive bleeding and throbbing at the surgical site. Resume physical activities slowly over the next several weeks.

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