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Jaw Surgery for Improved Health and Function

If you are living with debilitating jaw problems that are affecting your everyday function, confidence, and quality of life, we offer a predictable solution with orthognathic surgery. As a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. David Bastacky is part of the only dental specialty specifically trained and specialized in jaw surgery. He is both experienced in and passionate about jaw surgery and the life-changing outcomes he can provide his patients. With 30 years of surgical experience and specialization, he’s gained a superior level of skill and expertise in this corrective surgery and can expertly restore your jaw(s) to proper position and alignment. With your jaws in their proper place, you’ll experience better dental occlusion, improved breathing, comfort while eating and speaking, and a more functional, healthy life!

We understand if you’re feeling stressed and intimidated at the thought of undergoing our corrective jaw surgery in Catonsville, MD. Rest assured, Dr. Bastacky is considered the expert in orthognathic surgery and has decades of experience and countless successful treatments. Our primary goal with jaw surgery is to correct bite and functional issues, but with the skill of our oral surgeon, your treatment will result in improved facial appearance, too. Additionally, Dr. Bastacky uses ground-breaking technology from Materialise to facilitate computer-guided jaw surgery. This technology allows us to virtually map out your surgery and have patient-specific jaw components 3D printed for a precision fit. Your surgery will be personalized and efficient, with predictable outcomes that improve your jaw function, confidence, and overall quality of life!

Benefiting from Personalized Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery is a complex procedure, but the results are almost always life-changing! If you have a protruding or recessed jaw, obstructive sleep apnea, a tumor or bone deformity, or you have a congenital issue where your jaws grew at different rates, orthognathic surgery can successfully improve your ability to eat, speak, and breathe without pain or difficulty as well as restore better facial balance and overall appearance. Realigning the jaw also improves dental occlusion and bite function that helps resolve teeth grinding and clenching and TMJ problems associated with a bad bite. This restoration of your jaw function and facial appearance frees you to live a healthier and more confident life!

Jaw Surgery Corrects the Following Issues:

  • Chronic jaw and joint pain
  • Receding or protruding jaw
  • Difficulty eating or swallowing
  • Breathing issues and sleep apnea
  • Open bite, overbite, or underbite
  • Trouble speaking clearly
  • Facial asymmetry

What to Expect from Jaw Surgery

It’s normal to be nervous about your jaw surgery but know that you are in the hands of a true expert by receiving treatment from Dr. Bastacky. We’ll be here to walk you through what to expect, how to prepare for your surgery, and to provide post-operative instructions, including a free copy of Dr. Bastacky’s diet book with recipes specifically designed for your recovery phase. Our experienced surgical team is only a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns!

On the day of your surgery, we’ll first ensure you are comfortable and relaxed before administering general anesthesia. Depending on your case, Dr. Bastacky will either be repositioning your jaw, moving it forward, or moving it backward. Correcting an open bite involves removing a portion of the upper jawbone so teeth are aligned, then securing this bone with plates and screws. To correct a protruding or receding lower jaw, the bone must be separated and modified, then also secured, to achieve proper alignment and position. This surgery is time-intensive and complex but know that you’ll be in the hands of an experienced expert receiving corrective jaw surgery from Dr. Bastacky.

Corrective Jaw Surgery from the Expert

Your jaw surgery requires extreme precision and accuracy to be successful long-term. To ensure this, Dr. Bastacky uses digital planning software from Materialise to complete your surgery virtually and minimize errors during your actual computer-guided procedure. With this overall elevated surgical protocol, we can better guarantee a predictable and successful treatment! Your surgery will go smoothly, while you’re comfortable and free from pain under general anesthesia monitored by our skilled surgical team. If you have been struggling to live a functional life due to debilitating issues with your jaw, contact our oral surgeon for a consultation!

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