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Sinus Lifts from the Experts

Above the teeth in your upper jaw lies your maxillary sinuses. If teeth are lost or extracted from this location or the sinuses are too close to the upper jaw, only a thin layer of bone will remain between the mouth and this membrane. This creates insufficient bone height to safely support dental implants and not damage this membrane, especially if it is already large. If you’ve lost teeth and bone in your upper jaw, you may need a sinus lift to create a stable environment for new teeth. One of the more complex bone grafting procedures, a sinus lift or augmentation needs the expertise of a skilled surgeon to be successful and predictable as it involves handling the delicate tissues of the membrane. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the dental field’s experts in bone grafting surgeries and have the most training and experience in such procedures as sinus lifts.

With in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy, including the location of bone, nerves, muscles, and sinuses, oral and maxillofacial surgeons have the know-how to treat even the most complex of cases. They also have the expertise to restore proper bone height and density even after extensive bone loss has occurred due to tooth loss, oral trauma, periodontal disease, or cancer treatment. Oral surgeons also have medical training to put you completely at ease throughout your surgery. If you need a sinus lift in Catonsville, MD seek the expertise of our oral surgeon at DCB Associates who has years of experience treating patients with minor to severe upper jawbone loss.

The Goal of a Sinus Lift

  • Increase the height of the upper jawbone
  • Improve the health and density of bone
  • Prepare the upper jaw for dental implants
  • Ensure long-lasting function of new teeth

Personalized Sinus Lift Surgery

We do all we can to ensure your sinus lift procedure Catonsville, MD is comfortable and minimally invasive, so you can transition to new teeth with dental implants quickly and efficiently. This is a surgical procedure, however, so a period of recovery is expected. For your surgical appointment, our trained and licensed team provides sedation and anesthesia services for a pain-free and comfortable experience. Then our oral surgeon will gain access to the bone and sinus. By gently elevating this tissue lining, we can fill the space below with bone grafting material. Once the gum tissues are sutured back in place, the recovery process can begin. With full healing and integration of the bone graft and natural bone, your jaw will be at the proper height and strength to support dental implants and live a complete and functional life.

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