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Having all your failing or missing teeth replaced with full mouth dental implants does more than transform your smile. It can transform your life by providing stable teeth for eating, a stunning smile to boost your confidence, and an overall improvement in your wellbeing, health, and social life! No more living in pain and embarrassment, no more loose and painful dentures, no more self-consciousness. From dentures to full mouth dental implants in Catonsville, MD, we’ll help guide you to the solution that can truly transform your smile and your life!

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Full Arch Solutions - What are Your Options?

The Superior Tooth Replacement

We consider full mouth dental implants to be the superior tooth replacement option if you’re missing most or all your teeth, or you have a failing dentition. As the only permanent solution, our All-on-4® dental implants restore over 99 percent of your natural biting and chewing function. You’ll be able to eat the foods you love again and regain your health with a restored nutritional diet. Your new teeth are hand crafted from acrylic or zirconia materials, with the look, feel, and strength of natural healthy teeth. Secured to your mouth with just four dental implants, these teeth will provide the function stability and smile aesthetics you need to live a healthy, confident life! Using advanced protocols and minimally invasive technology, we can remove failing teeth, place dental implants, and attach a provisional set of teeth all in a single appointment at our office.

Experience Amazing Benefits

  • Beautiful, permanent set of teeth
  • Restored function for proper eating
  • Improved oral and overall health
  • Never worry about tooth decay or tooth loss
  • Maintain normal daily hygiene routine

Expert Dental Implant Care Since 1990

Our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. David Bastacky is the highest trained dental specialist and an expert in dental implants. He has placed thousands of dental implants since 1990 and leverages his decades of superior surgical experience, the revolutionary All-on-4 dental implant protocol, and innovative nSequence® guided implant surgery to provide predictable, streamlined full mouth dental implants treatment.

Not only a provider of dental implants, Dr. Bastacky also teaches oral and maxillofacial surgery residents at Johns Hopkins University Hospital and the Washington Hospital Center OMFS training program. Additionally, he remains educated on all aspects of full mouth dental implant treatment by completing hundreds of hours of surgical and restorative continuing education courses each year. An expert truly dedicated to providing superior patient care, Dr. Bastacky has set himself apart in his community as the go-to choice for anyone seeking full mouth dental implants!

A Smile Restored in Three Phases

Your personalized consultation is our chance to get to know you, learn about your current situation and smile goals, and discuss the process of full mouth dental implants treatment. Because of Dr. Bastacky’s training and expertise, virtually all patients our patients are candidates for our All-on-4 treatment. Next, we’ll complete diagnostics, including intraoral scans and CBCT imaging. Our sophisticated nSequence technology creates an incredibly customized and efficient digital workflow that assists in mapping out your surgery and designing your custom surgical guide that we’ll use to place your dental implants.

The surgical phase of your treatment may involve tooth extractions if necessary, though our All-on-4 protocol generally eliminates the need for bone grafting. We provide sedation and anesthesia services for your appointment to ensure comfort and pain control during surgery. When you’re comfortable, we’ll attach our nSequence surgical guide and place your dental implants at the predetermined location, angle, and depth in your jaw. This precision removes all room for error and provides superior accuracy and predictability, with amazing outcomes. With primary stability of your dental implants achieved, we’ll attach a provisional set of teeth that you’ll wear for the next several months as your dental implants fuse to your jawbone. You’ll leave our office with a functional and complete smile after just one day!

You’ll need at least six months to fully heal from surgery and to ensure that the dental implants have integrated properly with your jawbone. During this healing phase, you’ll be able to eat comfortably with your provisional and enjoy a healthier and more confident life. You’ll then be ready for your final prosthesis, which can be either a milled bar with acrylic and denture teeth or a zirconia fixed bridge. For the ultimate in strength and lasting durability, a zirconia fixed bridge is the ideal option that won’t crack or break and is resistant to staining and plaque buildup. In either case, your final set of teeth will be hand-crafted by our local dental lab to fit perfectly on your dental implants, function like natural teeth, and look beautiful!

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The Process of Receiving a Full Arch

Making New Smiles Affordable

We never want financial considerations to get in the way of a new smile and life with full mouth dental implants. As the only permanent solution for missing teeth, full mouth dental implants can provide you with a new quality of life and save you from a lifetime of pain and embarrassment living with ill-fitting dentures and no teeth. To help you secure our life-changing and permanent All-on-4 solution, we partner with third-party dental financing companies that offer low monthly payment plans. You won’t need to worry about whether or not you can afford treatment, making the decision to receive our smile transformation simple and easy. We encourage you to contact our financial coordinator to learn more about our financing options!

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